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By submitting the application form and or your CV or details, you automatically acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to this agreement. If you do NOT agree with this agreement, please do not continue with your application and do NOT submit any of your details to Jireh Group.

I, the Candidate, agree to the following Recruitment Terms and Conditions:

  1. that the information supplied in the Jireh Group Candidate Application form, CV and/or verbally is truthful and completely accurate, and herewith give Jireh Group (Pty) Ltd full right to forward my personal details to any entity for recruitment purposes at its own discretion.
  2. to indemnify Jireh Group and do not hold it liable or any of its agents /partners /subsidiaries or clients from or for any loss or consequential loss or any damage incurred as a result of dealing with Jireh Group or any of its clients/agents/subsidiaries/partners, or due to any reason whatsoever both now and in future.
  3. that the onus rests with me the Candidate, to ensure that I totally understand all aspects of the recruitment process and to make the correct career/financial decision for me accordingly.
  4. to carefully and thoughtfully take into account all aspects of any job offer made to me before accepting such offer. The responsibility rests with me to ensure that I have received all information necessary regarding the position and the prospective employer in order for me to make an informed decision.
  5. not to engage the respective client directly for the purposes of the position I am applying for.
  6. appoint Jireh Group as my Agent for the purposes of recruitment
  7. that Jireh Group may refuse to represent/assist me with immediate effect should I breach the terms of this agreement or should my conduct be untoward, questionable or should I not respond timeously to reasonable requests from Jireh Group or the respective client during the recruitment process
  8. that the notice period or start date supplied by me the Candidate is accurate as per the Candidate’s Letter of Employment or contract or verbal agreement with the Candidate’s current employer, and that any extensions of my start date as a result of me supplying incorrect information in this regard or other unforeseen reasons, may result in the withdrawal of any offers made by Jireh Group or its respective clients to me.
  9. that Jireh Group may contact the references supplied in the application form and/or my CV at any time.
  10. Jireh Group and its clients have the right to withdraw any offer made to me the Candidate at any time should it be discovered that any of the information I supplied in my CV, application form or verbally is untrue, inaccurate or relevant information omitted.
  11. that any offers made either by Jireh Group or its clients are subject to the outcome of the reference/background checks and offers may be withdrawn if the outcomes of these are not favourable, and I, the Candidate, give Jireh Group full right to conduct such checks if necessary.
  12. that any discussions with me, the Candidate, with regards to offers, remuneration packages or the like whether verbally or in writing with either Jireh Group or the prospective employer does NOT constitute as an offer of employment of any sort, and I agree that it will NOT create ANY expectations.
  13. that I will inform/bring to the attention of Jireh Group and fully disclosed in writing, any existing Restraints of Trade or any aspects that may have a negative effect on the outcome of this application.
  14. not to supply Jireh Group or any of its clients/agents/partners/subsidiaries with any contact information of my current employer for privacy purposes. Should I, the Candidate, supply such contact details and my current employment is jeopardized due to Jireh Group or any of its clients/agents/partners/subsidiaries contacting such, I herewith totally indemnify Jireh Group and its clients/agents /partners/ subsidiaries from any form of recourse. I understand that it is standard practice for Jireh Group NOT to contact the Candidate’s current employer.
  15. authorize Jireh Group to investigate the authenticity of my application in full, and understand that It is standard practice for Jireh Group to communicate the outcome of the Candidate’s application to the Candidate, however should I, the Candidate, not receive feedback from Jireh Group in this regard within 2 weeks of applying, I, the Candidate, agree to deem my application as unsuccessful.
  16. give Jireh Group permission to keep all relevant Candidate information on the Jireh Group database for recruitment purposes for an indefinite period.