The Jireh Group Recruitment division has been in operation for 10 years. Growth has exceeded all expectations and sustainability has become prevalent with numerous permanent and contractual placements achieved.

The Jireh Group Recruitment Division has subscription access to all the primary and key recruitment database facilities and tools, bringing access to up to date information on thousands of applicants from all types of industries across South Africa.

We are competitively priced, with our rates and guarantees tailored to provide for specific needs and budgets. Jireh Group also participates in a network of associated recruitment companies, thus enabling quicker time to market, removing unwanted financial and workload pressures on both our clients and candidates. Jireh Group has a community of recruitment agents that are immediately responsive to providing for the requirements of our clients.

Our typical approach to any placement opportunity is quite simply to remove the “hassle” factor involved in recruiting staff for our clients, and to reduce the risk and time-cost factors in the selection process.

Our condensed value proposition comprises of:

  • Extensive and efficient utilization of Technology and Social Media
  • A significant and established online company brand footprint across all major platforms.
  • Formalized networking agreements with external recruitment agencies for increased reach and decreased lead time.
  • A modern view and modus operandi with regards to recruitment systems, processes and client/candidate engagement, congruent with industry best practices
  • Excellent ability to initiate, process and execute through effective team work and proven workflow procedures.

Our view on Recruitment:

The successful Recruitment Consultant will be a multi-faceted, highly focused Social Media expert with strong negotiation and influential skills. They will build themselves an electronic platform to communicate from, capture and retain the attention of a specialized audience with insightful content.
Total transparency, strong work ethics, excellent people skills and charisma will be the 4 pillars of this platform. In addition, the successful Recruitment Agency will focus on candidate pre-employment readiness and post-employment advisory/counseling.

The ability to build a reputable Personal Brand will be paramount for sustainable success.