Employee Vetting

As an organisation we are involved in the facilitation of our client’s hiring processes from start to completion.

We also verify the authenticity of information provided by potential candidates enabling client’s to make informed decisions with regards to the hiring of the best candidate for the job. Such personal information is processed through a specialised company whose key focus is the verification of information supplied by candidates in line with the correct hiring procedures. This helps to ensure that organisations comply with due diligence and protect their businesses against negligent hire. The information stated or excluded from resumes is verified for accuracy in line with vacancies applied for, such as previous employment and reasons for leaving, qualifications completed at institutions stipulated, credit record, criminal records, etc.

AFISwitch is now the recognised method of retrieving information on criminal activities on individuals. The technology behind the fingerprint scanner is another way in improving the access of information on potential incumbents for hiring purposes.

Employee Background Screening Facts

  • Since 2011, SAPS perform Criminal checks on finger prints only, not on ID.
  • Negligent hiring is a fact! If you employ staff without properly vetting those staff and such a staff member harms a customer or another employee, you could be held responsible.
  • Based on our market research, most SME’s do not perform ANY background checks before employing, this opens the door wide for all sorts of illicit and legal issues.
  • Proper vetting of employees is not just for corporate, its due diligence that need to be applied in every on-boarding process.
  • Protecting your existing employees and customers is your responsibility as a business owner or manager.