with technology

Our Vision

We envisage to become a globalized consortium with many divisions in many industries, creating employment and business opportunities for generations to come.


Our Mission

To search for and attract entrepreneurs, employees and business partners globally for the purposes of building the Jireh group brand into a world renowned entity.

About Us

At our core, Jireh Group is an investment company and business incubator, creating opportunity for individuals and businesses to reach their full potential through means of our five business pillar strategy:

  1. Investment
  2. Business systems
  3. Mentoring
  4. Collaboration
  5. Technology

Formally founded in 2009 Jireh Group was founded on righteous principles which promote provision, through Integrity, Trust, Transparency and consistent Reliability in all avenues of business practice, for all people. South Africa’s people, diversity, beauty, vibrancy, and its future are close to the hearts of Jireh Group. We will passionately pursue avenues for provision in growing our nation and its people for a sustainable future that is peaceful, secure and prosperous.

Jireh Group is focused on its employees, business partners, clients and customers. Each is of primary importance to us and it is imperative that Jireh Group assist each with purposeful provision to become more successful, enabling each to support the business better and to enjoy prosperity.